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We are constantly experimenting with different and uncommon types of nuts. These varieties are selected from our experience growing nut trees in a short season cold winter climate. Most are widely adapted and will do even better in warmer areas of the country. This page has a great selection of nut trees for your home or permaculture plantings. From almonds to walnuts, nut trees are high in both nutritional and monetary value. Some nut trees will offer years of valuable nut harvests and top it all off with an even more valuable wood harvest, such as walnut and pecan. Click on the links below below to take you to the page for each species.

We currently are not growing many nut trees and what we have are 1-2 year seedlings. Email for availability. The links below have been left for informational purposes



ALMOND  Much hardier than California or Texas varieties, these Russin types perform much better in the cooler areas of the almonds range

HAZELNUT  With a huge increase in demand for health concious foods from American to hybrids, there is a hazelnut for everyone













BLACK WALNUT  What is better than Black Walnut ice cream? Great for nuts and very valuable wood production.

HEARTNUT  Also know as the japanese walnut, this heart shaped walnut is easy to shell and very productive

BUTTERNUT Also called the white walnut the wood grain is identical to black walnut except for the color. Extremely cold hardy species with good flavorful nut production

CHESTNUT  Roasting on an open fire.  The American species is almost extinct, but great varieties have been developed in Europe for hundreds of years.

ENGLISH WALNUT  Thin shelled, easy to crack and heart healthy a very cold hardy Russian strain seed sourced from Idaho.

GINKO    Ginkgo biloba, known as ginkgo or gingko and also as the maidenhair tree, is native to China,  it has various uses in traditional medicine and as a source of food

PECAN  Not the Georgia pecans, these are very hardy types of the northern pecan, smaller but considered to have a richer flavor.

YELLOWHORN    A very uncommon nut tree from northern China. It unites foliage recalling mountain ash, flowers like horse-chestnut tree, and nuts like a macadamia.

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