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   PEARS - European

(Pyrus communis) Delicious eaten fresh, they can also be canned or dried. Easy to grow, most are somewhat self-fertile however they will produce a larger crop if cross pollinated by another fruiting variety or the common ornamental Bradford pear. Minimal pruning is required but spreading and training branches is helpful since they have a habit of upright growth. European type pears are best when ripened off the tree. Semi-Dwarf 4-5’ well branched trees. 

PEARS - Asian

Anjou - Very high quality dessert pear. Keeps very well in storage. A handsome pear, sweet, juicy, and has a rich flavor. The tree is very hardy, bears early, and quite blight resistant. Also known as Beurré d'Anjou,it takes its name from the French word for butter, and this full-bodied pear has a creamy, aromatic and juicy texture that some swear is almost buttery. Anjou is self fertile.

 4' - 5' trees $26.95 

Ayers is actually an old southern favorite. The fruit are yellow with a red blush. The flesh is smooth and melting with a very sweet flavor and is sometimes called the sugar pear. The tree is vigorous, upright and fire blight resistant. The blooms are partially self-pollinating, but better crops will develop with another high chill variety like Bartlett or the others offered. Ayers is one of the highest quality pears with no grit cells. Excellent for fresh eating. Sold Out for 2020


Bartlett - One of the leading commercial varieties, it is a favorite dessert and canning pear. Large fruit with bright golden yellow skin color. Bartlett bears young and is productive. Best with a pollinator. Sold out for 2020

Moonglow - The Moonglow pear was developed by the USDA in Beltsville, Maryland and released for distribution in 1960. The plant is a hybrid between several different pear varieties and is considered an exceptional choice for raw eating and cooking. Moonglow's are revered for their juiciness and mild flavor that comes without the grittiness that is associated with many other pear varieties. High disease resistance make these great for the organic grower. Sold out for 2020

(Pyrus pyrifolia) Crisp, juicy and delicious, these are often known as apple pears because of their shape and texture. Unlike European Pears, these gourmet delights ripen on the tree. They are one of the fruits that should be home grown to get the full sweetness and flavor. Rarely seen in grocery stores, they are pricey and usually only 1 type is offered that has been picked under-ripe for shipping. Early flowering, best crops with 2 for pollination or with an early blooming European pear or Bradford pear. Not bothered here by pests or disease they are hardy down to -25f. Semi-Dwarf 4-5’ trees. ALL VARIETES ARE SOLD OUT FOR 2019 but have been left up for info purposes. 

20th Century - Juicy, sweet, mild-flavored fruit is crisp like an apple. Easy to grow, heavy bearing small tree. Self-fruitful or pollenated by Bartlett, Shinsui, or other early pear or Asian pear. 20th Century is also known as Nijisseiki and is the most popular Asian pear in Japan and California. Keeps well, up to six months. 36" 1/4" caliper  $24.50


Olympic - Also known as Korean Giant, a very large and roundish fruit with firm flesh and a crisp, juicy, sweet taste. Skin is an attractive golden brown russet when ripe. Tree has very vigorous upright growth to large size. Winter hardy and a late harvest. Storage life is 8 to 9 months. One of the best tasting pears and the preferred Korean Asian Pear. Self fertile but use Bartlett or Hosui for bigger crops. 4' - 5' $34.95 Sold out for 2020

Hosui Asian Pear is an attractive fruit with golden russeted skin. It's flesh is firm, juicy, sweet, and mildly flavored with good quality. The slightly higher acid content of this Asian pear adds a snappy tang. Trees are vigorous and spreading. Self fertile but cross pollination gives bigger crops. 4' - 5'  $34.95 Sold out for 2020

Shinsui is the earliest Asian pear variety that we carry, harvesting mid-August. Fruit finishes with an orange-brown russet. This variety is juicy and has an excellent flavor for the early season. Fruit will keep up to six weeks. Tree growth is upright and vigorous. Sold out for 2020

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