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We are now offering shipping for out of state customers. We can ship only to the continental US.  Orders are dug as we fill them and not kept in refrigeration.  Currently we are only shipping bare root plants.  These must be shipped when they are dormant, AND when there is minimal danger of heat or freezing in shipment. Your Spring plant order will be shipped sometime between the last few days of February and early March. Plant orders are filled, and usually shipped, in the same sequence they were received.  Do not panic if you receive your order early, when there is still snow or the ground is still frozen. Plant as soon as you receive your order if at all possible; if not, keep the plants cool and the roots moist.  Shipping charges are  $12.00 plus 16% of the order. Some plants may be pruned back to fit correctly for shipping.  Don't worry they will branch out bigger and better from this dormant season pruning.

Local Pick up


We are now offering early season ordering for local customers. Order now through the website and your plants will be held for on-farm pick up in late April or early May. These plants will be containerized NOT bare root. This helps prevents us from being sold out of what you were hoping to get and allows you to plant at your convenience. We book on a first come basis.

Our Guarantee


We are proud of our reputation and the plants we sell.  That being said, plants are living things and sometimes things do not go exactly right.  Every plant we sell is covered by a conditional one-time replacement guarantee. If your plant fails to leaf out in the first season, we will credit the purchase price to the same or any plant of your choosing the next season as long as it's condition may be reasonably and fairly attributed to us. The customer is responsible for choosing a plant suitable for the climate in which it will be grown and if in doubt ask us first.  Also, we cannot guarantee damage from animals, human damage, extreme weather damage, overwatering, drought, insects, poor soil conditions and your gardening abilities. 

All requests for replacement should be by email and will require at least two pictures. One picture of the ailing plant in its entirety and a second picture of the ground surrounding the base of the ailing plant. Our guarantee covers the cost of replacing the plant only. Shipping charges are the responsibility of the customer and must be paid prior to sending the replacement plant. If for any reason the same plant is not available, a credit equal to the purchase price of the ailing plant may be applied to another one of your choice. Any difference in price is the responsibility of the customer.


Jujubes, mulberries, persimmons, peaches, nectarines, almonds, pecans  and dogwoods can sometimes delay breaking dormancy until mid or late summer. Before contacting us, gently scrape the bark of the tree down low on the trunk with a fingernail or knife. If you see some green tissue just under the bark, the plant is still alive. Be patient, the tree should leaf out. Please email us immediately if plants fail to leaf out and you've already scraped the bark to examine the cambial tissue.  Sometimes a tree (primarily nut and persimmon) will appear dead in the early summer or fail to develop leaves and indeed the main trunk may be dead, but they will come up from a secondary one growing bigger and faster.  If it looks dead continue to water and care for it to see if this happens.  Pecans and persimmons are also very slow to break dormancy and sometimes can go into the summer before developing leaves.


The size noted in each plant description is the approximate size of the plant when you buy it.  Your plants may be slightly larger or smaller than the stated size range. Because they are grown in a short season climate and are not pushed with artificial fertilizers, our trees tend to be smaller than those of some other nurseries. Smaller trees ship and transplant better because they have a more balanced proportion of root to top. Most plants we sell are rated up to very cold zones, but will perform well in warmer areas. We cannot guarantee the contents of an order until it is packed. Sometimes we have inventory loss from wildlife or weather.


If your order is damaged during shipping, we need to be contacted within 3 days of you receiving the damaged package. In order to make a claim, we will need picture documentation. We ask that you take at least 2 pictures of the damaged box on the outside and at least 2 pictures of the damaged plant on the inside. Once we receive the pictures and verify the damage, we will replace the plant free of charge, including shipping. Many plants, while superficially damaged in a shipping accident will still grow out just fine.



Once the plant(s) are pulled for shipping, all sales are considered final. There are no refunds at this point. Cancellation prior to shipping will incur a 10% restocking fee.  .

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