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(Diospyros virginiana) These are one of the most ornamental of fruit trees. A tropical look with their dark green glossy leaves and interesting bark. Graceful and attractive they are related to ebony with a very hard and dense wood. Luckily no real pruning is required! In their native range they spread from east coast to Kansas and from Ohio south to the Gulf. Unique in that there is a northern (90 chromosomes) and southern variety (60 chromosomes) which when crossed develop seedless fruit. Also the trees usually have either male or female flowers and mostly, but not always, often one of each is required to set fruit.Sometimes both sexes of flowers may be found on the same tree and rarely bisexual flowers may be found. From Lee Reich “Eating a thoroughly ripened persimmon is as pleasurable a gustatory experience as eating an unripe one is horrible”. Unripened they are astringent but left on the tree after frost they can be the last fruit of the season picked. When ripe they have a soft, smooth, jelly-like texture that tastes like a dried apricot, drizzled with honey and a dash of spice. No wonder the genus name, Diospyros, translates roughly into “food of the gods”. Once you have had one you will always want more. All of the named varieties below are self fertile and generally seedless without a pollenizor.


Early Golden - One of the best American, very sweet, self fertile. It has has 1-1/2″ diameter fruit that becomes very sweet and deep orange when ripe. $34.95 Sold out for 2020


Meader was developed by and named after noted fruit breeder Elwyn Meader of New Hampshire. It is upright growing, very cold hardy, and is among the first to ripen. Meader is an outstanding variety that produces delicious, sweet, deep orange fruit and the only American variety that is reliably self-fertile. $34.95 Sold out for 2020


Nikita's Gift persimmon is a unique hybrid of Asian and American persimmons, developed in the Ukraine. This persimmon produces flattish, red-orange fruit that is 2 ½ inches which ripens in late fall. A semi-dwarf, it can reach a height between 10-12 feet. It is self fertile. 3' - 4' $36.95


Rosseyanka - A very cold hardy Russian hybrid of American persimmon and the Asian Kaki persimmon. Its 2-3 inch fruit are seedless. It has a custard like smooth texture, and a wonderful spicy american persimmon flavor. The trees are rapid upright growers to 15-20 foot and make an excellent shade tree if left un-pruned. Fruit ripens very late fall. $38.95 Sold out for 2020


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