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(Prunus persica) Nothing beats the flavor of a fresh tree-ripened peach from your own backyard. The varieties we offer are some of the best for our climate. They are all self-fertile so only one is required to set a crop. For best fruit size thinning as the fruit matures is necessary. Each variety must reach a certain level of chill hours before it can break dormancy, the more chill hours the later the bloom. The later the bloom, the less chance of a late spring frost killing the bloom and losing your crop.

Chill hours are the amount of hours between 32 and 45 F and the cultivars we offer require 850 or more. Planting a low chill hour variety is probably the biggest factor why people fail in our area growing peaches! Peaches are a heavy feeder and are shallow rooted requiring more water than apples. 30"-36’ well branched trees.

Caroking - A more traditional, southern peach, Caroking was developed at Clemson University. It was released to the public in 2005. It typically ripens 26 days before Elberta as an early variety. In 5 years of Clemson University research trials, they rated the performance of Caroking as very good. Caroking has good size averaging from 2 ¾ to 3 inches in diameter. It has a very nice uniform, round shape and an excellent red overcolor (or blush). When you cut through the skin into the flesh you can see that it has yellow flesh. It is a melting flesh type and it is also freestone.  It’s very well suited certainly for fresh eating, but also for making into ice cream, cobbler, smoothies, … pretty much anything you want.  $24.95


Contender - You can grow this peach in areas where temperatures fall well below zero. This exceptionally hardy variety consistently yields large crops of sweet, juicy, medium-to-large fruit. Developed in 1988 to be disease resistant to bacterial spot. A freestone it needs 1050 chill hours. Self fertile it is an excellent choice for canning and freezing, as well as fresh eating. Ripens mid season 7 days before Elberta.  $24.95

Big Red - A very large, 20-30% crimson red with a yellowish-green ground color, yellow-fleshed, freestone peach ripening mid late season, approximately 22 days after Elberta. The flesh is very firm with very good quality. The tree is vigorous and an attractive variety with a traditional southern Peach flavor. $24.95


Autumn Prince -   A juicy freestone peach having 60-90% crimson red over a yellowish red ground color. The flesh is firm to very firm, melting, with very good slightly acidic flavor. The tree is very vigorous, productive, with low susceptibility to bacterial spot. Ripening 45 days after Elberta , a  late season variety. $24.95


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