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(Cydonia oblonga)  While commonly grown around the Black Sea and into Turkey, they have become rare in the US. An attractive, spreading, small tree, Quince is adorned with large, cup-shaped, pink and white flowers in the spring followed by abundant crops of large, bright yellow, sweetly aromatic fruit in late fall. High in Vitamin C and pectin, They are prized for cooking, jelly making, and adding to apple cider. Add 1 to every 6 apples for a superb pie.  Quince is self-fertile and hardy to minus 25°F. or below.

Quince have had a sudden resurgence in popularity the last 2 years and our production has not come close to our demand. We have ramped up grafting and hope to have good quantities in 2021


Aromatnaya - Sold out for 2020  This valuable Russian variety bears abundant crops of very large, bright yellow, aromatic fruit with a delicious, pineapple/lemony flavor. Aromatnaya fruit is one of the few that is sweet enough to eat fresh. Considered one of the best varieties, it makes particularly delicious and attractive preserves. The medium size, round yellow fruit needs to be stored on the window until it starts to soften. The trees are much more disease resistant than other quinces. $27.50


Kauching - Sold out for 2020 A popular variety in orchards throughout Central Asia, Kaunching produces abundant crops of super large bright yellow fruit. Said to be one of the best for fresh eating it also makes great sauces, jellies and is good baked like apples. Very hardy and self-fertile



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