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(Zizyphus jujube) Also known as“Chinese dates”, they look like a tropical plant with their glossy and bright green leaves. They are drought tolerant once established and love very hot dry summers and cold winters. Jujubes can be eaten fresh and have an apple flavor with a hint of almond or dried and eaten like dates. Sauces, pie fillings and butters can also be made with them. The Chinese have grown them for over 4,000 years but most cultivars are very rare in the US. They have been grown for specific traits much as apples have been. Some varieties are better for fresh eating, some are better for drying and some are multipurpose.

Depending on the variety, the fruit size can vary from a large cherry to a large plum. Jujubes bear at a young age and are extremely productive, often producing more than 100 lbs per tree. They also flower very late (only when soil temperature is above 55 F) missing our erratic frosts, thereby always ensuring you get a crop! Thriving on high ph, poor soil

and showing no disease or pest issues makes these one of our top fruit picks for New Mexico. As with many fruits some are self-fertile but produce a larger harvest and bigger fruit with two or more. We offer these rare varieties as small grafted trees between 1 ½’ – 2½’ tall and they will grow to about 20’ at maturity.

Li - This very large variety means less preparation time for processing. Makes a wonderful butter that tastes better than apple butter. Pretty good for fresh eating and also good for drying. A rounded apple shape that is extremely productive.  $34.50


Lang - An upright and thornless variety this is no doubt the best for drying and making dates. Large and slightly pear shape it is good for commercial production. Not great tasting fresh it develops It’s flavor only when a fully red color. Leave on the tree to dry. $34.50


Honeyjar is the juiciest of any jujube we’ve tasted and although the fruit is slightly smaller than some varieties it makes up for it with how sweet it is. It has very thin skin and is considered one of the best for fresh eating. It makes a good dried fruit too Honey Jar is one of the earliest ripening jujube. $39.50

So - This jujube is a small tree with angled zig zagged branches also known as Contorted Jujube. The fruits are round, sweet and crisp, holding their ripe fruit longer on the tree than most varieties. Taste and size is similar to Li. A natural dwarf growing to about 10’makes an excellent specimen tree. Partially self-fertile it is one of the earliest to ripen. $37.50

Sugarcane - True to it’s name, the Sugar Cane Jujube is very sweet. It has ping pong ball sized fruit with a crunchy, crisp texture and an apple-like flavor. Sugar Cane jujube ripens earlier in the fall than most other jujubes. Another variety is needed for fruit production. $39.50




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