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We are a family run business located in Central New Mexico between Edgewood and Moriarty. Our elevation is 6500 ft. and we are in the eastern foothills of the Manzano Mountains at the very southernmost point of the Rockies. After 25 years of growing at our old location this farm was begun in the fall of 2009 and provides produce and fruit for our family and others. The farm is where we trial many of the varieties the nursery offers. It was born out of the desire to gain control over our food supply and ensure healthy and safe food for our family. The nursery is licensed by the state of New Mexico and follows organic growing principles. In 2010 the nursery came about not only from a love of growing, but also from frustration over the years with the lack of available and accurate information about which fruit type varieties could be grown in our challenging climate. Our nursery’s stated mission is to find, develop and promote varieties of fruit which can be economically successful here. Most of the types we offer have been tested here at the farm, others have been trialed about 10 miles north at a higher elevation. On occasion we will offer a variety which we feel has potential but we have not grown. We are always growing new and unusual varieties to see how they will perform or to see if simple cultural adaptations can make them successful here. The best of these will be included in future years as we build up a stock and the less successful will be discarded. We will be happy talk to about you what we are working with for future years or join us on FaceBook to keep up on the latest developments, news and specials. Due to the popularity and increase of indoor growing we have added tropical fruits and plants to our offerings. We are now a closed facility and all sales are by delivery.





What we offer for sale are primarily the plants that have proven success in our challenging climatic conditions.  Cold winters, hot and dry summers, erratic late-season freezes, very high UV and daily temperature swings of often 40 degrees.  These conditions don’t grow a plant faster, but they do grow it hardier, so much that these are called Rocky Mountain Tuff.  Occasionally we offer some varieties that we have not grown to fruiting but feel have a great potential and track record to be successful under harsh conditions without synthetic chemicals and pesticides. As organic farmers, we are dedicated to the concept and importance of living soils. Our container plants are grown in an organic potting mix containing a high volume of vegetative based compost with a small amount of aged manure and ramial wood chips added.  Fish based fertilizer, trace minerals and beneficial microbes and fungi are added. Very small amounts of peat moss and volcanic rock are used and that is why the pots are much heavier in weight than traditional nursery stock containers which are primarily peat moss. Whenever possible we use sustainable and renewable resources and use recycled containers for our nursery stock. We believe that these BIO-GROWN plants are much healthier, happier, and less prone to insect, disease, and drought pressures as a result of their living soil. In addition, they will inoculate your own soils wherever you plant them with beneficial microorganisms and fungi!

Many of our available plants are raised outdoors and many are now started early in greenhouses to meet the earlier needs of the Albuquerque market. Outdoor grown are not usually ready for local/mountain purchase until early or mid- May. Since they are potted plants, they may be held and can be successfully planted at any time of the year unlike bare-root stock. On occasion we bring in additional stock from some of our grower friends. These are often raised organically but the grower does not want to pay the expense and paperwork involved with certification.  Not all plants will be available all the time as some will sell out and some may not be large enough until later in the season. Email  if you have any questions or special requests. Some items we only have 1 or 2 of and have not put on the website.

We no longer offer shipping and most of our sales are through our group marketplace on Facebook.





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