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Ordering & Shipping
Why don't you ship year round?

We are shipping bareroot plants and as such they need to be shipped and planted when they are dormant and when your area is cold enough that things have not leafeed out.  Shipping bareroot saves you money since you do not pay to ship heavy "soil"


Do you ship internationally?

No we don't. Currently we ship only to the lower 48 states.  No shipping to Hawaii or Alaska


How are shipping charges calculated?

For our complete policies on shipping click here.   Basically there is a $12.00 charge plus 16% of the order total.  Hardgoods only orders ship at a different rate and scionwood orders are calculated differently.


Are all your plants always in stock?

No, but we try to keep this website as current as possible so you know. On occassion we may have to email and let you know if an item is sold out or doesn't look as good as we think it should


How are you licensed?

  In addition to our business license, we are  licensed, inspected and certified by the State of New Mexico Agriculture Department.  This allows them to test our soil and plant tissues at any time for any chemicals, pests and proper procedures.  All our records have to be open to them for inspection and we keep logs on all activities.


Are any of your plants GMO?

Most of the work in GMO has been in the vegetable field.  However there are some new trees being produced that are Genetically Modified.  We do not grow any GMO plants and believe that this science is not something that should be let out where cross contamination can occur


How do you propagate your plants?

Depending on the type we may grow from seed or cuttings. Most domestic fruits are grafted onto a rootstock that is semi-dwarfing and imparts strong root anchoring. Some plants are propagated by root cuttings or by layering.  It really depends on what works best for each type but we are constantly experimenting for improvement


How big are your plants?

We try to list a range for the plant size at time of shipping like 4'-5'.  We may sometimes come under or over the size listed if we feel you are getting a better plant overall.  Plants may be pruned back for shipping. Rest assured they will branch out bigger and better due to this dormant season pruning. If you are unsure email us for specifics before ordering.


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