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(Juglans regia) Most commonly called "English" walnut, but it is also known by other names such as "Carpathian" walnut. The Carpathian walnut was introduced to Ontario in the mid 30's by Rev. Paul Crath. Convinced that the Persian walnut from the Carpathian Mountain region of his native Poland was hardy enough for Ontario conditions, he returned to Poland on several occasions and brought back several tons of "Carpathian" walnuts which were widely distributed over eastern North America Carpathian walnuts produce large and fine flavored nuts almost identical to California walnuts. Many are much larger and we think better flavored. The thin shelled nuts crack easily in halves and whole. Kernels have a delicious flavor, free from bitterness with an attractive light color. Because of their compound leaves dormant seedlings look much smaller than when leafed out


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