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(Prunus dulcis) Closely related to Peach, Apricot, and Plum, Almonds are attractive, medium size trees that are prized for their delicious and nutritious nuts. While most almond varieties are developed for California and very warm regions, the varieties that we offer expand the range so that they can be grown over a wider area of the US. They are unique for their late blooming, helping them to escape damaging spring frosts. Our varieties have thin shells and can be eaten raw, roasted, sprouted, or made into a nut butter, nut meal or flour.  Almonds grow to about 12’-15’ and are hardy to about minus 25°F. While somewhat self-fertile, planting two varieties will ensure good crops. Some consider a peach with the same bloom time to be a compatible pollenizer.. ALL SOLD OUT. EXPECTED BACK IN 2019

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