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These are varieties that are made to handle to colder areas of our country. They are proven perfomers in the Northern Great Plains, Upper Midwest and the Northeast.  While made to withstand these demading climates, they also will do well in other parts of the country.  Many are heirlooms and some are newer varieties. Most of these hardy varieties should grow well in Zones 4 or colder, but care needs to be taken in selection, culture, and maintenance, since in the colder zones, cold weather extremes and quick changes in the weather can be detrimental to even the hardiest varieties.  Several varieties in other sections are also very cold hardy, so look around it that is an attribute you need in an apple. These are grafted on a semi-dwarf rootstock for easier manageability.


Apples in this group are approximately 30"-36" tall as bare root. Semi-dwarf grafted on to Emla-106 rootstock. They have well developed root structure and can be planted out right away or grown in a container if desired. THIS IS YOUR CHANCE TO GET SOME UNCOMMON AND RARE VARIETIES FOR YOUR COLLECTION OR HOME ORCHARD AT A REALLY GOOD PRICE!

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