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(Rubes idaeus)   Because of our erratic late spring freezes, Primocane varieties (fall bearing) are much more reliable than Floricane (summer bearing) types in the Central Mountain and Northern areas of the state. The varieties we offer are fall bearing and are some of the best for our climate. They are all self-fertile so only one variety is required to set a crop, however a selection will extend the harvest time. Over the winter simply mow or cut the canes down and dispose of them. In the spring new canes will emerge and provide a crop later that year. Home grown and freshly picked, ripe raspberries are so good that you need to plant extras so some will make it to the kitchen! Plant 18"-24" apart and allow about 6-8 canes per running foot of row. These will produce fruit for you the same year as planted.

Caroline raspberry plants produce a large berry with very full, intense flavor. In our trial of over 15 varieties, Caroline out performed all in production and ease of maintenance, Pest free, trouble free, multiplies well. 1 gal $9.95


Polana - A recent introduction from Poland this variety has really impressed us with its productivity and ease of harvest. Early bearing and very flavorful. Worth getting a few even if you are south of I-40. Strong sturdy canes are able to stand erect even with a full fruit load. 1 gal $9.95 Sold out for 2020


Fall Gold - An outstanding and unique variety with golden-yellow berries. Fall Gold is sweet and flavorful with a hint of pineapple. This large fruit is great for fresh eating, preserves or freezing. No need for staking makes this an “easy care must have” addition to your berry patch. 1 gal.  $9.95

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