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SILVER BUFFALOBERRY (Shepherdia argentea)

Silver Buffaloberry

  • A native shrub to the northern Great Plains of the U.S., Silver Buffalo Berry is a tough, extremely cold hardy shrub excellent for use as an ornamental shrub, in wind breaks and in confined areas where it can be limbed up for use as a small tree. Although xeric once established, Silver Buffalo Berry will be taller and faster growing when not kept too dry. A highly recommended substitute for Russian Olive. Silver Buffalo Berry has separate male and female plants. The female plants bear heavy crops of bright red berries that are both ornamental and excellent for feeding songbirds. Jams jellies and the like are better as eating out of hand is a little sour. This plant enjoys our high ph soils
    *Male and female plants are indistinguishable as seedlings, get 3 to ensure fruit set.
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