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Mulberry-Red (Morus rubra)


  • (Morus rubra) An upright spreading to rounded, deciduous tree that typically grows to 35-50’ (less frequently to 80’) tall. It is native to rich woods, bottomlands and wood margins from Massachusetts, southern Ontario and Minnesota south to Florida and Texas. It is noted for its often large heart-shaped lobed leaves (to 5”) and edible fruits. Leaves turn yellow in fall. Unisexual greenish flowers in small catkin-like spikes appear in early spring with male and female flowers usually appearing on separate trees (dioecious). Trees with only male flowers obviously never bear fruit. Fertilized female flowers are followed by sweet blackberry-like edible fruits (to 1” long) that are reddish to dark purple in color. Fruits are sweet and juicy and may be eaten off the tree. Fruits are also used for jellies, jams and wines Often planted to attract and keep birds away from cherry trees.
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