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Korean Mountain Ash (Sorbus alinifolia)

Korean Mountain Ash

  • (Sorbus alinifolia) Korean Mountain Ash is an excellent med-lg tree. Tree form is oval broadening to round with age. It forms a dense crown with many small branches. Unlike most Mountain Ash, the Korean Mountain Ash has simple leaves. Flowers are borne in loose clusters in mid May. Individual flowers are 1/2" in size and are white. Fruits are also attractive and persist all winter. They are about 3/8" wide and 5/8" long with a mild, spicy flavor. Fruit color is orange with a red-purple hue. Tends to flower and fruit heavily in alternate years. Bark of younger branches is very smooth, gray-brown in color with very conspicuous white lenticels. Leaves develop a, bright yellow fall color. The Korean Mountain Ash can reach heights of 30’ and widths of 25’.
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