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  • JOSTABERRIES (pronounced YUST-a-berries) are a cross between a gooseberry and a black currant. Their appearance is that of a gooseberry, with the deep purple (almost black) coloring of the black currant. This plant is a complex cross, but the result is a totally new berry that combines the best qualities of both parents. The objective in developing the Jostaberry was to 1) create a good quality
    berry; 2) a higher yielding berry than the currant 3) a thorn-free plant (gooseberry thorns aren't a desirable plant trait), 4) a plant with immunity to or resistance against various diseases. After 30 years these goals were achieved. The Jostaberry has a new flavor bringing out the best of a gooseberry with the mild hint of black currant. The gooseberry thorns are gone; immunity or resistance against major diseases is built-in, and the production is higher than either of its parents. Jostaberries are high in vitamin C and are excellent for eating, juicing, freezing and processing.
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