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Cornelian Cherry-Redstone

Cornelian Cherry 'Redstone'

  • (Cornus mas)Cornelian cherries, sometimes called simply cornels, are not really cherries. They grow on a tree that is a first cousin of the American dogwood. This fruit has had a loyal culinary following since ancient times based on the luxuriously floral sweetness of the jellies, syrups, puddings, drinks and confections that are made from it. Modern varieties allow cooks to bring bigger, even more flavorful cornelian cherries into the kitchen. The plant is a super hardy native of the Black Sea region, and even thrives in Siberia. Much smaller than the American dogwood its more of a loose bush than a tree but can be pruned to a single trunk form. The cornelian cherry tree produces a cheerful mist of tiny yellow flowers in March with a crop of smooth, oblong berries in late summer or early autumn. 18” – 24” trees
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