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PLANT MARKERS -Our most popular, decorative garden label boasts an extra large nameplate and is tilted for easier viewing. No bending over or getting on your knees to see what you planted. Now with rounded corners, this label works beautifully in any garden! Heavy duty zinc with 2 leg galvanized wires last forever. We have some of these over 12 years old at Farm and still going strong. We recommend our Black Marking Mechanical Pencil for the zinc nameplates Label area is 1 1/4"high and 3 1/2" wide with 1 1/2" legs. Plant labels with stands are : 10 pack $9.95 20 pack $17.95 Mechanical Marking Pen $2.50

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Firm Zinc Tag - 1 3/8"x 3"


The all-purpose label, designed for marking large shrubs and trees. This label has an extra large tag to record lots of information. Assemble by inserting the 5" thin metal wire (provided) through the hole, then tie the wire securely. Great for labeling equipment, tools, and traps, too! We recommend our Black Marking Pencil or Mechanical Pencil for these labels.

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