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Developed in 1868 in Minnesota, it was the first apple variety to be successful in the cold winters and hot summers. By the early 20th century, the Wealthy apple was one of the top five apples grown nationally and was the parent of many famous Minnesota varieties. A compact tree that has medium-sized, green fruit with a scarlet blush and crisp white flesh. Fruit is multipurpose, good straight of the tree but shines in the kitchen in pies, crisps, and sauces. Lively vinous flavor with light, fruity tones makes for excellent cider. Another northern apple that does well in the heat.  CA


'William's Pride' is an early-maturing, attractive, dark red apple with excellent fruit quality and immunity to apple scab. The fruit is of medium to large size and matures with the very earliest known commercial red cultivars in the United States. It was developed and released by the famous PRI breeding group of universities as a potential commercial cultivar for use as a summer dessert apple. This summer apple is unique in that the flesh is very crisp and firm and that the fruit can be held in storage at least 6 weeks without loss in quality or firmness. The attractive, moderately bright, dark red fruit do not drop easily and retain firmness, crisp flesh texture, and flavor on the tree up to 2 weeks after maturity. During this time they develop nearly a 100% deep dark purple-red and heightened flavor, character, and juice content. Another early apple that handles heat very well. CA


Winter Banana is a highly attractive heritage variety. The fruit is bright yellow and blushes with a rosy pink. It has crisp, tangy, and juicy flesh that is highly aromatic with a mild, banana-like flavor. This apple cooks well and is great for juicing and eating as well. Vigorous and early bearing the fruit ripens late in the season. A very good pollinizer.  CA PHX


Another Georgia apple from before the Civil War, Yates is sometimes called Red Warrior apple. The Yates apple is small (an original lunchbox apple), the flesh is white, tender, juicy, aromatic, mildly subacid and sometimes has streaks of red. A heavy bearing apple and a good pollinator for most apples, they store very well, and can be eaten year-round. Grows very well in the hottest areas of the south.  GC  CA


The Yellow Newtown Pippin, also known as Albemarle Pippin, is an American apple that originated in the late 17th or early 18th century in what is now the area of Queens, NY. The YNP is typically light green, sometimes with a yellow tinge. The flesh is yellow and crisp. The flavor is complex and somewhat tart, and requires storage to develop to its finest. It is one of the best keeping apples. Grown by both Washington and Jefferson and exported to Europe, it is now mainly grown commercially in New York, where most of the harvest is used in Martinellis sparkling ciders. A very heat tolerant and low chill apple. GC CA


Most of these are varieties that are well known

Arkansas Black, Fuji, Gala, Pettingell, Gordon, Beverly Hills, Golden Delicious, Granny Smith, Tropic Sweet,  Pink Pearl  These additional varieties have all fruited in the Phoenix Metro area, quite possibly the hottest area in the country for apple production

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