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These are a collection of small fruits of domesticated varieties that do well in most areas. Many appreciate some shade if in an arid region. Minimal pruning is required and usually just removing some of the older branches will keep them consistently cropping for many years.

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ARONIA  Widely used in Europe as an ingredient in sports drinks. Considered one of the Super-Fruits, it has one of the highest recorded ORAC values.


BLUEBERRY Our blueberry plants will produce abundant crops of juicy, delicious, antioxidant-rich berries that you can enjoy in a number of ways.

CURRANTS  Not well known or often grown in the United States, the sweet -tart taste has been relished in Europe for many years. 

ELDERBERRY  These are selections of the eastern North American variety chosen for larger size and sweeter berries.

FIG  These fruit trees are among the easiest of the fruit trees that can be grown. They grow happily both in the ground or containers, making them perfect for all kinds of gardeners.

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