A wide selection of varieties that are grafted onto the Bud  9 rootstock.  These will mature between 6 and 9 feet tall, shorter with pruning.  Perfect for small yards or can be grown in a contaner as "Patio Apples"

Fruit is medium to large, red striped with an orange red blush on a yellow background. The flesh is pale, cream colored, crisp and juicy with a pleasant sub acid tart flavor. The Braeburn apple's sweet-tart flavor can be enjoy fresh, but the high acidity also makes it a choice baking apple. Fruits store for four months. A bit richer flavored and firmer than Fuji, but not quite as good a keeper.
Tall, rectangular, medium size fruit. Yellowish green skin with orangish red flush and darker stripes. Darker blush on sun side. Crisp, juicy slightly sub acid white flesh with outstanding texture and citrus and honey notes. Requires a long growing season. In a refrigerator, Fuji will keep through April and still be crackling crisp. One of the top 3 varieties sold in the U.S.
Developed in New Zealand, Gala is excellent for fresh eating. A very pretty, medium size, conical to round fruit with yellow skin patterned with bright orange-red. Firm, juicy, fine textured, yellow white flesh. Sweet slightly tart flavor. Hangs well on tree. One of the top 3 varieties sold in the U.S
Golden Delicious
Large conic golden yellow fruit. Firm, crisp, juicy, flavorful flesh. Mild sweet distinctive flavor. High quality all purpose. Since they are high in vitamin C they resist browning. Retain their shape well when baked. The best pollinator for other varieties. Often picked too early, allow to get a golden color for much higher sweetness. Each orchard should have one of these.
Granny Smith
Green, crisp and tart. A good quality apple and outstanding keeper with a winning name. Considered a perfect apple for baking. Left on the tree longer it will develop a sweeter flavor. Developed in Australia these require a long growing season. Mix with a sweeter variety for juices.
Large fruit striped red over bright yellow. Firm, crackling, juicy, slightly tart, flesh. Superb, rich, full flavor. Finest dessert and eating quality. Good cooking properties. Will store in common refrigerator for 3 months. Rated as excellent for eating, salads, sauce and baking; good for pies and freezing.
Dessert-type apple exhibiting similar characteristics to McIntosh. Macoun is recognized in the Northeast for its high quality. Flesh is white, firm and juicy. A high demand item for the roadside market and pick-your-own trade. Tree is upright in habit requiring aggressive thinning to maintain annual cropping. One of our “favorite five” for fresh eating.
Red Delicious
It’s sports are the most purchased apple variety in the United States. The Red Delicious Apple has shiny dark red or striped reddish-yellow skin. The apple is distinguished by its five bumps around the eye. The flesh is yellowish in color and is rich and sweet. These are the original type and not the mealy tasteless ones you now find in the stores.
Red Rome
Very round fruit, medium to very large, with handsomely striped to almost solid red, thick skin. A favorite for baking and drying, and outstanding as a baked apple. Not as good for fresh eating with dryish flesh and very mild flavor. A good keeper on and off the tree. Once a major commercial variety Rome is a consistent cropper
Winesap is a well-known American apple. Its origins are unknown but it probably dates back to the 18th century. It has all the qualities needed for commercial production - it is a regular heavy cropping tree with very little biennial tendency, and the apples can be kept in natural cold storage for a good 3 months or more. It can be eaten fresh but is primarily a culinary apple, also popular for juice/cider production.
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