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Annona is a genus of flowering plants in the pawpaw/sugar apple family, Annonaceae. It is the second largest genus in the family after Guatteria containing approximately 166 species of mostly neotropical and afrotropical trees and shrubs. The generic name derives from anón, a Hispaniolan Taíno word for the fruit. Paleoethnobotanical studies have dated Annona exploitation and cultivation in the Yautepec River region of Mexico to approximately 1000 BC.

Currently, seven Annona species and one hybrid are grown for domestic or commercial use, mostly for the edible and nutritious fruits.  Several annonacaeous species have been found to contain acetogenins, a class of natural compounds with a wide variety of biological activities. Annona species are taprooted, evergreen or semideciduous, tropical trees or shrubs.This fruit typically grows in areas where temperature does not drop below 28 °F, especially Cuba, Jamaica, and the Philippines.

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